Patient Self Check-In



Patient Self Check-In offers a convenient way for patients to check themselves in. Once your office has signed up for the feature at, all you need to do is set up a device for them to check in with. You might use a Microsoft Surface Go for this feature, but any Windows 10 device will work.


Once you've signed up and set up your device, choose the SELF CHECK-IN option from Innate's login screen. If an appointment has been created for the patient, then all the patient needs to do is enter their information to check themselves in.


Patients enter their first and last name and then the last four digits of their phone number. This can be done via a keyboard or on a touch screen. After submitting this information, the patient is checked into your arrival zone, and can be seated.

Now, without searching for the patient's name, staff can launch the check-in screen straight from the arrival list to review for any pertinent reminders before sending the patient back for treatment.