Is there an option to import data from my existing system?


Although the development team is working on an importer for patient information, (i.e. address, contact info, and account number) and insurance company addresses, the importer has not yet been released. In the works are importers for Seamless and the more common chiropractic software applications. If you would like to be informed when the importer is ready, please submit a request (Note: You must be signed in to submit a request). We'll keep you posted. Otherwise, this FAQ will also be updated at that time.

If you decide to move ahead now and add your patients manually, we don't recommend you adding all patients, because that number can be quite high. You will still be able to access Seamless for printing notes if needed, so you can concentrate on just adding your active patients. You'll find that adding a patient to the system is much easier than ever before. Additionally, if an inactive patient comes back in, you can add them as needed, as you would a new patient.